Females encouraged to wear trousers

Where are we going??? Wanem tingting blo ufala?
Where are we going??? Wanem tingting blo ufala?

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  • Kal Norman Samting ia i start long haus nomo, family imas discourage ol mama, sista, or narafala family member blong no werem trousers olsem iko long public places olsem. Traem adapt laef long village long Vanuatu than adaptm western sty;le we ikat rabis saed blong em tu,.. mbe emi tingting nomo :-}
  • Chloé Jung-Dupoux Yes b trousers i no vanuatu style. Taem ol woman mo girl i wearem trousers oli no moa protectm from rapers. Sapos raper i wantem rapem, i no trousers bai oli stopm m! Girl mo woman i alowed blo wearem skirts mo dress, oli just mas be careful, no wokbaot lo naet, no wokbaot em wan nomo. I no wan stori blo trousers. Security blo woman mo girl lo vanuatu!
  • Chloé Jung-Dupoux Sory bislama blo mi i no gud lol
  • Takau Jacob well thinks are happening umi no save stoppem now?hemi big wan finish.live is freeking crazy ………..for my point of veiw we are living on are last days things hemi i start fullfill as the bible says.soooooooooooo…..respect i loose…..karr……
  • Charles Hakwa When the population increases, the number of human animals and failed parents also increases. Yufala we I gat ol boy plis tijim olgeta se ino evri gel bae i wantem letem long olgeta mo oli mas akseptem taem gel i talem no o no showem eni intrest. Fulap long yumi,yumi ting se evri gel oli stap long wol ia blong yumi antap long olgeta mo ting se oli mas letem long yumi evritaem. Sori be oli ol human being,oli no mashin. Sipos yu wan we kok blong yu i stap strong evritaem yu stanap long rod mo luk ol gel oli wokbaot mo yu no save kontrolem yu wan,jes kapsaedem aes wota long hed blong hem blong mekem i slak. Wanem i had? I mo gud yu slakem bifo yu mekem problem. Yumi save toktok plante long saed blong ol gel mo wanem oli shud mekem blong stap sef be yumi mas lukluk tu long saed blong ol animol ia mo hao blong stopem olgeta. Eniwan we I rep,yumi shud kastretem olgeta.
  • Rob Crapper 10 reported. How many go unreported. It’s a modern world and the Internet makes everything available, vanuatu needs proper sex education being taught in schools. Respect is taught, learnt and earned. Kids that don’t get that education need to be taught that at home. Religion isn’t the answer, too many religious leaders are caught with their pants down these days. We need more funding for wan smol bag and other groups to take this message to the islands and perhaps public floggings for offenders ( I can already hear the outcry)
  • Jean Joel Pakoa HUGE URBAN DREFT…..NO KAT WOK……..TUMAS MAROANA SMOKERS………OL CHIEFS OLI NO ACTIVE………..NATIONAL SECURITY……I WEAK…….TU MAS KORAPSEN……….OL PARENTS OLI CARE WEA PLES OL PIKININI ESPECIALLY OL KEL OLI STAP KO LONG EM……OL BOY OLI TEKEM JANIS BLONG MISUSUM FREEDOM…..KANTRI, SOCITY……KOMUNITY….FAMILY I SAVA…. blong ol kel i werem trauses emi gud be woman we emi werem trause nao emi stap invitem ol man blong repem em…..wan long olgeta we oli bin repem emi werem wan trauses be oli bin repem em…….now a days girls/ woman are seen wearing trauses, nothing is wrong except we as human beings need to reapect eacher……take great care long ples we yu stap ko mo ol leader, parents oli nid blong luk luk gud ol family blong ol…..wan wrong idea is the one that comes out of the daily post, encoraging the girls to wear trauses….respect mbae emi nomo kat long society…..what we are inviting is more TROUBLE..
  • Polly Walker-Dorras Mi no save believem se yumi stap tokbaot rape olsem. Yu really believe se clos we wan woman i werem i save explainem rape? Yu tink se ol man oli no gat eni control nating? Taem yumi tok tok olsem, yumi puttum evri blame lo woman nomo! Yu no tink se man i gat responsibility blong respectem ol woman?
  • Joselito Kakina Leye hemi no chamgem dressing blo girl now bae stopem rape changem mentality blo you na bae all think come good .
  • Charles Hakwa Polly Walker- Dorras, ino mifala evriwan i bleimem ol woman. Ridim koment blong mi…. Mi tokbaot hao ol man oli shud gat control
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  • Polly Walker-Dorras Hi Charles, sorry yes mi save se i no evriwan we i toktok olsem. Mi suprise nomo se still i gat sam man we oli tink se wanem we wan woman i wearem i minim se hemi askem rape!
  • Charles Hakwa Oh yes, kaen mentality blong yumi bae i neva change. Fulap long yumi bae yumi lukluk long 1 saed nomo.
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  • Kal Norman Polly Walker-Dorras, tinktink blong yu emi stret wetem ol man we oli kat gudfala tingting, bt plis no 4get se ikat difrent kind pple out long community, samfala mentally kranky lelebet
  • Jean Joel Pakoa wan no gud samting long daily post is that some one is trying to manipulate all the girls by wearing trauses. such person must understand that vanuatu is made up of many different komunities and each komunity has their own leaders and most of these komunites have their own ways of changings which reflect respect in their own komunities. by pubicly asking all the girls is also another disrespect to leaders of any komunity that that have their own ways of directing their own komunity members. this may also lead to propbles……one good thing is that komunities leaders needs more awareness on this issue…..and leaders should should make sure that youth awareness and development programs are scadule in order to reduce such issue…..mi tekem opotunity blong serem sori lo wan we emi bin hurt..
  • Debbie Hogarth Forget the request for females to wear trousers because this honestly does not deter rape if that is what the perpetrator wants to be ultimate goal. It has NOTHING to do with what the victim is wearing at the time – even our Grandmothers are raped in society in their own home. It has more to do with with education of the Male population that this is just NOT acceptable in any shape nor form period. This behaviour has been going on for centuries…..totally UNACCEPTABLE
  • Nelson Rarua We have a weak justice system which is why these things happen. What a woman wears is an expression of a fundamental freedom, end of story!!
  • Bue Namoli Sapoa Is not the problem with what they are wearing. If we look back to our ancestors living and even in some of our village community we oli stil keepim custom yet, olgeta oli no wearem cloth blo coverem wole part blo body be rape i no happen tumas. Mi think se emi mental problem or lack of respect lo ol woman/girl…1vt nomo
  • Joselito Kakina Leye hemi wan effect blo group ia, time oli fullup oli makem stupide things + alcohol and mrijuana thinks get worse pe time man hem wan nomo hemi quiet and respect full lo all man !!!!!!!!!
  • Georges Rolland Spos yu wantm soem lo ol people raon lo yu se yu wan man yu askem, spos woman i talem yu se no, move on askem narwan. If not get a bar of soap ! Ino wanem woman i werem bae i mekem yu tingting nogud, yumi gat wan wan head and yu tekem decision blo yu, so spos yu mkm eni ting wrong and end up on the other side , its your fault . Think twice befor yu act!
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  • Roni Wilie as few above mentioned,,no matter how tight the pants or even if she ever tried hanging lock on belt,still hungry wild dogs got 2 hands to break through….girls need to hangout in groups n stop overdrinking ‘cos endup sleeping on roadsides is always rapers christmas present. 9vt
  • James Kapap Yumi stap toktok ia, be yumi ol man. I tru woman hemi no allow blong werem trousers long kastom blong yumi, be blong protect against ol man we oli stap rape, hemi might savem life! Otherwise, sapos oli kasem ol mania we oli stap rep ia, karem olgeta kam long public mo talem out fasin we oli stap mekem, yumi everyone i lukluk olgeta.
  • Lloyd Maiki Fikiasi court should impose higher sentence on this crime. maximum sentence under our penal code
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  • Lloyd Maiki Fikiasi continue..is life imprisonment. court should impose 10years and above instead giving 2 to 4 years to offenders. mi biliv se if court impose higher sentence it will help discorage such act in the society or male will think twice b4 commitim such unlawful act, rape.
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  • Sondrine John charles Hawak point ya yu stap tokabaot be who are we to blame? mi tink se yumi everywan e shut putum hands tugeta blong yumi lukluk how na yumi save reducem kind fasin olsem wei e stap happen.yumi ol gel tu yumi mas lukluk more long fasin blong dressing up blong yumi frm samtimes yumi no save wnm nao tinktink wei wan narafala fren blong umi hemi gat long hed blong hem taem yumi stap mekem ol dressing up blong yumi oli o folm tradition mo culture blong yumi.
  • Mozama Doque Females encourage to wear trousers is not the solution to this problem, the solution is, leaders of all levels must know their sheep and raise them in accordance to human being status. Those with animal brains should be given more attention and there are centers all over the nation which can provide assistance. Centers like, churches, youth challenge, VNCW, RTC, PWMU, chiefs, pastors, etc.
  • Fufu Kalepoops Eno dressing up nomo e contribute lo ol rape lo vanuatu, kava, alkol, marujuana, ol night clubs mo ol big celebrations (Indi- celebration, firstnap ) 2 oli contribute lo ol rape cases. Fulap rape cases oli results blo ol activities ia..! N ol activities ia ba oli no save stopem frm hemi helpem same man blo survive. So wanem blo umi mekem teachim lo home nomo nao hem i important. vt2 though..!
  • Kevin Reuben Mavero Education problem lo upbringing , traditional level mo national level….
  • Joanna Quinto be even if we women wear trousers, we still get harassed.. even during the DAY TIME.. these kinds of people need to be taught RESPECT, what is RIGHT and be given the right EDUCATION about these kinds of acts..
  • Joseph Namariau This is nonsense news not common..we should encourage women to wear skirts but not trousers. We should maintain our tradition clothing that we have suppose to wear since 1980s, nowadays.. women wear trouser, it looks like men can also see their body…but good to see women wear dress and skirts. Again very clear that we men we dont have trousers anymore..when men when to the shop to buy trouser they don’t find any that interest them to buy….lols..
  • James Kapap it seems as though we are loosing our traditional values…I blame the freedom of everything we have….its about time we start publishing pictures of rapists, and have longer sentences for them in Jail (talk about jail, wanem time ia bai oli buildem niufala jail ia?? Nogat time blong lukout ground blong jail, be gat time nomo blong lukout ground blong newfala airport)…how now sapos every tourist we i kam ia oli repem olgeta….??? bai yumi talem wanem?…olsem blong toktok stret nomo
  • Justice Jacob Smith Wearing trousers is not a crime and olsm blo no spolm be umi nm sta lo taem blo strong custom and we girls as guys have the same right of liberty so dayly post leave us alone! I tru se I gat respect stuff too b girls dnt olny wear trousers but also skirts! Thanks Chloe for the post!
  • Dee Albatross yes hemi tru trousers hemi not a crime be remember human being nokat same mntalty,, no sek se wn boy hemi tashem nkut wn girl wetem tait trouses blem be regrat again lo advice blo apu.. RESPECT NO SHOW OFF LO BODY BLO U.
  • Didier Auriol Man mo woman ino semak.Emia nao negligence mo problem blo ol woman we oli faet from ‘rights’ U dress like a slut u will attract a rapist or put your sisters at risk.
  • Sondrine John justice jacob smith sapos yu wearem wan traosis wei hemi no tekem negative tinktink lo public bae emi gud nmo, samtimes yumi wearem ol traosis wei oli short tumas mo samtimes ol man e save gat ol tinktink we i lead i ko long problem. sml tinktink nmo blo helpem yumi ol gel
  • Alex Jones Thank you lo ol gudfla comments, Ol girl oli mas always aware se there is always cruel people out there so take extra care when walking. Boys: Respect others view [girls] if NO! then its NO! [Complicated in this point!] Girls: Too much wearing of tight fits drives the minds of boys to go crazy thats when oli save terem smol tight fit ya. Sooo… Solution, dressup simple nomo. don’t try to look too fanzy coz you sta putum yu wan lo risk… Boys, mind your own business. Sapos kok blo u i strng afta mekem tink2 blo u sta ko krnke i mo gud yu ko washem lo ice wota.
  • Belinda Garae Samuel whats the use of wearing pants or not? is educating and teaching your sons at early age, and those who do rape cases sometimes its not their fault its thier peer group, so ol mami, papa, uncle, sister , pupu etc…. ie really need blong toktok wetem ol boy blong yumi, mo ol gel too samtime oli nogat respect…walkabout long rod taem wan boy toktok nogud be swear kranke long hem, taem olsem be ie causem wan issue now, next time taem oli kasem u be grass blong you…olsem 1vt tinktink nomo….need both girls and boys to have respect for eachother….trousis hemi trousis, wanem ie happen lo ol boy ( pikinini) wei oli stap play rapis lo ol too? traosis bai ie no solvem issue blong rape…respectem man narasaed lo u bai ie solvem…olsem tinktink blong me nomo
  • Alex Jones I had seat with my grandpa beside that old fire place with no mats to seat on just that dusty old ground. No shirts seating there with a piece of roosted taro or yam with a piece of dry coconut on my fingers to help digest the roosted taro and yam. looking at grandpa with his old walking stick trying to wipe away his own tears cause by the smoke of that old fire place. Grandpa with pair foot talking to me and smiling as i seat there with my mind wondering away. Is this the best education foundation??? The foundation of our RESPECT is lost within our communities. there is no more old fire place today thats when life goes too crazy. If we revive that practice then will always be a peaceful environment where RESPECT is maintain at all times in all level.
  • David Seule Mbae ino news paper blong come talem long yumi se ol girl mo ol woman must stap werem trousers, i mi olsem wan Chief mbae mi no sapotem from the more ol girl oli wearem trousers mbae rape i come more worse.. Mo long ol village blong yumi, yumi encouragem ol youngfala girl mo ol mama blong dress up long proper fasin blong avoidem ol lukluk… yumi save encouragem ol girls blong blong lukaotem gud walkabaot blong right time nomo be ino blong go lukaotem blong man rapem em…wanem i must happen today se yumi mas stop blong mekem mistake blong learn. yumi mas learn from ol mistake we oli stap finis…WAKE UP GIRLS….
  • Mey Tnn Hemi problem blo moral blo ol man taem oli luk wan girl i change lo life style blo today olgeta thing2 i go nogud olgeta traem thingbaot we somtime oli stap rapem ol pikinini blo 8 years i go antap that’s stupid umi traem respectem logo blo umi ia Long God Yumi Stanap umi wan peacefull country b avec des voilloux comme ca ki ne respect personne c la merde… some lo umi traem civilize smol ia ….
  • Tyrone Mann Girls wear what ever you like / stay as sexy as you are / this is a free country like most place in the world / it is un justice to tell a person they have to change cause of what some dum men out there who cant keep there kok in there panits / they all should have there kok cut off / every county has its issues with rape / girl stop going on bus ride with people you don’t know or walking around the stree by your self without friends after hr. be safe & dont be so trusting with every one you meet. Vila is not like Island life its not a vilage with one community working together under a chief / its a busy town with every one tring to get what they can out of you & every one. No one has the respect for the town life at all Rue your so right !!! & trust me this is like every town in the world . EVERY MAN , WOMAN FOR THEME SELF / I feel sorry for the community fro vila who are the victom’s from other people comeing other island & treating Vila with No respect/ Im sure if a man vila went to a vilage to one other island & did the same thing the commuity would do something about it & work togeth in solving the issue / but here in vila its like the devil you all have no respect for Efate
  • Belinda Garae Samuel do you guys have any idea,what time ? days of the week? during what occassions this Rape cases occurs?? then this is where we should start to find the solutions by suggesting ideas to help, Coz we may blame boys as Tyrone mann stated clearly, but what if girls were at the wrong place and wrong time, sometimes girsl get wasted and acting so un normal.and this where boys get the chance to do what ever they want….i only wish girls could be at home before 9pm for thier safety be ol gel blong nowia parents ie toktok olgeta too gat toktok blong talem….so its getting worse this nation..Just pray for the victims and stay away from such activies….
  • Joseph Toara Stop stop stop lol… how do you know se bae rape I reduce sappose women I werem less trousers? Hemi wan statement or wan bypothesis nomo that hemi need blong properly researched mo pruvum mo testem sappose I true.
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  • Tyrone Mann Belinda agree / still its not any one falt but if some say No. been drunk & doing something stuped is not rape unless you say No/ Yes its the man falt I have not heard of a women raping a man if so I would love to be the first lol/ some countries they have drugs in which are used to put into people drinks so a women wants them / its called a date rape drug /
  • Roger Depuis why bai woman encourage to wear trousis. The more oli warem traosis the more oli attractem ol man because of their body shape. i kud blo oli warem false “KK” afta warem traosis antap lng hem. trousis are made especially for MEN not WOMEN…..
  • Zoot Play Men and boys are influenced by media and also by girls and women to rape. Girls and women influence men by seductive dressing. I encourage girls/women not to put them and other girls and women at risk of getting rape. Dress modestly and avoid dangerous places.
  • Didier Hamel-Landry “This isn’t caused because girls are putting themselves at risk wearing short skirts to school. This is because rape culture excuses, allows and promotes sexual violence.”http://sianandcrookedrib.blogspot.com/2011/10/rape-culture-and-victim-blaming-starts.html


    Sigh back once more to blaming girls for boys’ sexual predatory behaviour. At th…See More
  • Zoot Play Girls dominate the billboards in town – what do you expect when you want to get all the attention? Girls don’t put yourself and others at risk of rape – dress modestly.
  • Nelson Rarua Mi bin stap long wan ship we i stap mekem lightning service fastaem long Vanuatu, mo long trip blong mi iko long aelan blong mi long Tongoa mi fala i bin karem wan passenger wetem ol pikinini blong hem iko long Paama. Woman passenger ia i werem skirt mo taem mifala i stop long pasis blong hem, ol wokman blo ship ia oli pulum boat iko long side blong ship mo ol pikinini blong woman ia oli jump long boat. Be taem i kam long mama, hemi no save se bae i mekem wanem. From sapos hemi leftemap leg long side blong boat bae ol wokman ia oli lukluk underneath skirt blo hem nao. So hemi stap hesitate, be ol man ia oli stap weit blo hemi jump. So mi tallem lo olgeta se, “hello”.. yufala i no luk se hemi werem wan skirt, how about yufala i pulum boat ia iko bihain we step blong man i ko daon lo hem i stap. Sapos ol wokman ia oli ol waitman bae oli red red lo face, be oli hangem hed nomo pulum boat iko bihain nao mama ia i jus ko daon. So long yufala we i stap advocate se woman no mas werem trauses, wanem nao tingting blo yufala lo situation ia?? And taem yufala i stap tingbaot hemia, perhaps yufala i save confirmem tu se lo ol rape kases we i stap happem i gat statistic i backemap kleim se oli happen because woman i werem trausis?.
  • Georges Rolland I sincerely think some of us take this ” skirt and trousers ” as an excuse , its like we excuse the people that rape and understand why they are raping! NO! NO! NO! We men dress up as we want and want women to dress up following what we want, we are not muslims! Live your life ! Since the discussion about this topic started all we read is skirts and shorts! Don’t go around trying to find an excuse for these rapists! Saying its because when girls have trousers on !! We boys have broken pants , broken t-shirts, we heaven were pants below our wastes , girls don’t come to us saying ” hey id like to have sex with you, then Grab you and rape you! Stop trowing stones in the dark! Rapist must get same sentence as murderers ! Maybe what i just wrote wont please some people , their are rapes everywhere and everyone should come together to fight it and not come together to judge how a person is dressed up saying “you inspire rape”NO! 
    Its 2013, laws make us equal in all ways , i buy my cloths and I’m proud to wear them just like girls and boys around vanuatu! Just control yourself ! And don’t be afraid to tell the Police , tell yourself that you did the right thing coz , if you didn’t tell that same person could of raped a close member of friend of yours! Be a proud Ni-vanuatu and help bring safety and peace!
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  • Tyrone Mann go back to wearing Grass skirt / in custom should have more respect / I dont get this post any more / why all the girl in Tanna dont get rape & they have only a grass skirt on / but now telling every one in vila to wear trousis/ its going to look great for the touries going to tanna & all girl are wearing trousis in da bush lol
  • Sandrine Mogeror Cindy Nice comment bro Georges..yes u right we must not excuse the rapist…But
    the main root cause blo rape hemi immodest dressing, sex violence in the
    T.V. and pornography. These activities ia oli greatly influencem ol
    youngfala blo umi tete. Both boys and girls need to be taught at very young
    ages about sanctity of life. Parents must teachim good ol pikinini blo
    olgeta not to involve in such activity….Ufala ol youngfala weh stap listen..time u gat own family blo u lo future..u make u teachim good
    pikinini blo u lo stret fasin blo life…
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  • Sandrine Mogeror Cindy “Keep thy *heart* with all diligence; for *out* of it are the *issues of
    life” (Proverbs 4:23). *In the same way ” home is the heart of the
    society”. Parents and parents to be must remember se right teaching lo home
    will affect the society for the better or otherwise will bring all these horrible curses upon us. Enough said!! Each of us must jealously guide our
    eyes against all these weird images. For you eyes are the window to your
    mind. ” Our thoughts follows our words, thoughts create behaviors,
    behaviors become your character, and your character determines your final destiny” So guide your minds well against all these corruption!!
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  • Jean-Claude Emelee males encouraged to stop watching porn
  • Sarai Stephens The way a women dresses isn’t necessarily the main reason men rape women. Otherwise old ladies covered from head to toe wouldn’t get raped – so whether a women covers up or not, is not the issue. According to one website, research shows that reasons for rape include the following:
    “Traditional gender roles prescribing female submission and male dominance are linked to rape. In Australia, Germany, and Japan, rates of violent sexual offenses were related to national levels of dominant masculinity (Neapolitan 1997). Studies in several countries have suggested that rigid gender roles and promotion of an ideology of male toughness are related to violence against women (Heise et al. 1994; Sanday 1981).

    Some people hold beliefs justifying rape more strongly than others. Men who rape tend to believe more strongly in myths about rape, and they are more likely to engage in fantasies about coercive sex (Drieschner and Lange 1999). Compared with other men, rapists drink more heavily, begin having sexual experiences earlier, and are more likely to have been physically or sexually abused as children (Berkowitz 1992; Ullman; Karabatsos; and Koss 1990).

    Having said this though, I still am of the belief that we ‘sisters’, need to help our ‘brothers’ out by wearing less revealing dresses. Men are a lot more visual then we are and so to help the ‘weaker’ brothers who lack self control, we do need to be aware of the effect of our clothing. We too need to act responsibly.

    This does not justify rape though and men too need to NOT blame rape on women. Rape is essentially a crime of power, NOT of passion or lust! So men too, have to act responsibly!
  • Jean-Claude Emelee i wish i was like the punisher and could go around killing bad people! or any marvel based super hero in that case. Women don’t deserve this type of treatment…
  • Debbie Hogarth Jean-Claude Emelee you shouldn’t think it is all about your generation. As I said earlier this has been happening forever sadly  There really just needs a major education of the masses to happen. Aren’t we all here to help each other & make the world a better place for all regardless of what sex we enter into the world?
  • Roni Wilie if this was lack of education then i wonder Y our ancesters don’t rape whilst they were just wearing nambas…….changes in todays life style that GENDER RESPECTS AIN’T PARAMOUNT anymore….so girls must take advantage in todays consequences,,find out for urself that Y she raped and you NOT,so then you can teach upcoming daughters/sisters your way!! good luck!!
  • Roni Wilie few of this rape cases were understood as due to early monrning and late night shift staffs. so please all businese runing this timings must provide transport..’cos bus /taxi drivers are not 100% safe also… 1vt
  • Draven Tari GIRLS.. time yu luk se hemi late lo night mo yu wan nomo passenja lo bus mo driver stap mekem sam ron we yu luk save se istap trickim rod blo haus blo yu… yu shud kolem polis or kolem any freind we yu ting bai save helpem yu immidiately!! Yu no wait kasem time we problem i happen afta kam riport….from time yu wait kasem problem i happen afta wanem?? bai yu nao yu suffer lo hem for the rest of ur life… lo wan side hemi itru problem blo bus driver be naraside tu se hemi responsibility blo yumi wan wan blo tekem extra care time yumi wokbaut mo travel lo bus/transport anytime of the day.. ino night nomo.
  • Didier Hamel-Landry Females encouraged to learn self-defense! (Regista gel blong yu long judo! http://www.judo-vanuatu.com/en/class-schedule)

  • Black Ruffian Choice emi blo yufala ol gel.. Society blo yumi i no olsem europe or U.S we bai ol man oli no lukluk gud yu from tight jeans. Infact ol gel oli no save denyem se oli no intend blo catchem eye blo ol male wetm ol seksi klos, ating sam oli wantm feel nice abt wanem clothing, be ino evri wan.. SO sapos you wan gel, yu mkm choice osm wan biological human being, wetm circumstances blo third world society blo yumi.either take the risk or not emi stap lo you. taem yu facem rape or harrasment no mekem fes i kon kon from yu save 100% se bai yu expectem wetm tight pants..
  • Rob Crapper Black Ruffian you’re right in many ways, it’s true, you can’t change society overnight and no woman in her right mind would walk around Kabul in an island dress, she’d be considered a whore. 
    However, Vanuatu is changing, culture notwithstanding, and I’d bet most cases of rape don’t involve sexy clothes. There’s a global shift where the fundamental rights of women are being brought into balance, and women everywhere are fighting for equality. And regardless of the attitudes of the old guard, this fight WILL be won. It might have Taken Christian Missionaries to stop cannibalism in Vanuatu, but it’s going to take Laws and the enforcement of them, and education to stop the brutality. It’s easy to call on culture and custom to justify bad behaviour, but it’s just not true either. Especially when you consider the poor turnout for chiefs day this year, you can’t just pull the “kastom” card when it suits you, if you live it then you obey it in all ways, and rape is unacceptable under the old laws as much as the new….
  • Charlie Harrison Men in our society need help. It is our duty to gender sensitise people around us to assist them to respect women, girls & everybody in general. Violence against women and the girl child is on the rise & rape is imminent in communities here. The fact remains that all rapist are NO stranger to the victim. They are known to the victim as cousin, dad, uncle, aunty, grandpa or neighbour etc. A lot of rape cases go unreported as families fear stigmatisation & reaction from members of their community. However, everyone need to understand that all forms of sexual assault including rape is a crime under the Penal Code Act (CAP 135). We don’t want our daughters, sisters etc raped so talk to our NGOs Vanuatu Women’s Center (VWC) and Vanuatu Family Health Association (VFHA) on telephones 24000 & 22140 & support the cause to eliminate violence against women & the girl child today. Also if you know of a sexual assault case that has been going on in your area, please call 087777 at the VFHA or contact the Family Protection Unit located in the Port Vila Police Station on 22222 & ask to speak to Lily, Enneth or Davis.
  • Justine Maravu i thought the Pacific is the best place to live in….NOW we are becoming CIVIlised wiTh AtItUDes….Isa
  • Chloé Jung-Dupoux Anyways, there are rape cases all around the world, a proof that it is not a story of trousers or skirts. In winter in Europe, girls get raped too! Rapes are nevers girls’ fault. I agree with some of you. Girls should dress up according to the situation. Of course, if she knows she will have to take the bus during the night, she won’t wear mini dress and sexy top. I agree with this. I think education is the problem : sexuality and rape is still tabu in many countries and punishments for sexual assaults are often not strong enough. Rape is something serious and I JUST DON’T KNOW HOW SOME OF YOU CAN LAUGH.
  • Benjamin Noel There is no convincing preaching lo ol churh more frut blo papa mo mama i ronem kava no lukaotem good ol piknini lo haos wetem gdfala teachings..
  • Bos Rox Point emia nao. Big man i kivim reponsibility long wan Papa mo Mama blong trainem wan pikinini. Long tok blong papa God emi se, “train up a child and when he or she is old, he or she will never depart from it” long narasaed toktok ya emi se oli no trainem yu time yu bigwan…emia wan mistake….yu train wan pikinini bae ino save kamaot long teaching ya. fullap oli lego nomo oli ronron olbaot, oli sek nomo se nius blong boy ya o girl ya i kam aot afta complaint long pikinini nao , se , who ya i teachem yu……….plis olgeta..lukluk i ko bak taem pikinini ya i smol. hao much time yu invest long life blong pikinini blo yu…haloooo
  • Tschiaa Artist I speak for myself, I grew up wearing trousers, and will continue to wear trousers/shorts. My family never told me otherwise, and now I pay my bills so I’ll be dam if someone tries to dictate what I can and can’t wear. 

    Girls wearing dresses, short skirts, shorts etc doesn’t give any one the right to rape a woman. The sickos that think otherwise must have been dropped on their heads as babies. No one deserve to be raped/ molested etc.
  • Samuel Abraham yeah,,, you say that becoz you are a female, for boys its totally different. wearing a short skirt/ shorts means your are already in their space…on top of that, a lot of case studies has proven to say girls who wears short skirts, trousers have no real reasons other than asking for more problem which means “GET ME RAPED” with no questions.
  • Sandrine Mogeror Cindy Wow those latest comments cuts the issues to the chest!! ! Thanks and appreciate your sharing!! Godbless
    March 8 at 4:12am via  · Edited · Like · 1
  • Ian Gordon Fraser And a man who shows his face in public is…asking for a punch!
  • Samuel Abraham well, sandrine M cindy am not really making things nonsense here, so as to say. we can draw a stone to a rapist for whatever reason, but showing your half nagged-ness speaks louder… and trust me some short skirts really do, they cover almost nothing of your body. things become totally exposed. its not really easy this issue.
  • Roni Wilie Debbie Hogarth..theres some workplaces that are far from mainroad or lack of transports nearby,so bosses should provide transport at the timings i mentioned for safety reasons.hope you get me clear!! cheers
  • Vincent Goiset All you guys around wrong…Maybe the girl in tanna is only wearing grass skirt but they not sexy all this europeen woman or young expat or els they always pute make up and shit to look like a star or pute really really short skirt i kat same girl nivan to we time oli woboat me save look string blo olgeta grass every sameting ewwww!?!(same for oders: overseas people)From emia nao i mekem ol man kok i strong mo wandem rape!!OK its true that a woman with a beautiful dress is sexy but there is a limite between dress and string?? kan i mo gud se oli warem shirt nomo ating emia i short enough??!!??Cause i’m living in Vila and i always go to town for buisness and shit when i’m driving i just look around and thats what i see well my opinions!
  • Tschiaa Artist I can’t believe it. So men use that pathetic excuse that they rape because the woman was wearing short skirt/dress??!!! really??! then that research title should be *men with sick mentality*. These are not men, they may look like men but really their brain goes as far as their manhood, shallow if you ask me. women evolve everyday, their ways of expression varies but when a man rapes a woman, that’s invading her personal space.
    March 8 at 7:40am via mobile · Like · 6
  • Tschiaa Artist we have in our culture women who wear next to nothing, does that give the right to the men in the village to rape them??? That’s their norm and how dare some men use the fact that women who bares it askes for it??? It’s sickening. so women in our village dressed in grass skirt is no different to a women in western society.
    March 8 at 7:45am via mobile · Like · 5
  • Evelynne Kalo Wonder what stats would be if the rape victim can ask that penalty for rapist is castration? If a woman’s clothing entices men to rape, what the excuse for rape of children? Sexual abuse of children and babies,sometimes at the hands of their own fathers?
  • Tschiaa Artist Evelyne Kalo, I couldn’t agree more. Absolutely true and it’s revolting to know how some people can sit back and say well it’s their ( women’s) fault. That’s again taking responsibility away from those stuck on stupid idiots who would screw anything that walk/talk/have a hole. Excuse me for being blunt but our society need to open their eyes to what’s really happening and face the fact that women get bombarded with so much misconduct it’s ridiculous. I would like to know what excuse men have to rape a little girl/ baby! It’s insane how these issues get swept under the rug so to speak.
    March 8 at 8:06am via mobile · Like · 2
  • Didier Hamel-Landry That would be quite a dark and depressing portrait. That men are born rapists just waiting for the chance to jump on any woman. Happy International Women Day!
  • Lola Iavro mi ting ce m ie gud blo ol parents blo encouragement ol gel blo olgta, blo wearm skrit, frm m ie culture blo umi..N i think that it is more respectfull blo ol gel oli respectm ol dressing up blo olgta. wearm clothes weh m ie plism eye blo ol people… to be honest mi hatem blo lluk ol gel oli wearm tights…( trasis), frm time umi wearm ol kind clothes olsm its like umi traem blo sowm body blo umi lo ol pipol..frm time umi change olsm n passm wan grup blo ol boe ba u harem oli givem ol kind2 comment… so mi think ce m ie gud blo umi ol gel blo respectm dressing blo umi… and also about our culture… thanks
  • Tschiaa Artist yeah I agree that girls should be dressed respectfully, but I also say boys should be taught that rape is not ok. seeing a girl/woman dress to express themselves isn’t an open invitation.
    March 8 at 8:24am via mobile · Like · 5
  • David Seule Tschiaa Artist– you have say that seeing a girl/woman dress to express themselves isn’t an open invitaion…why a woman should express themself sexy????  What for???
  • Rob Crapper Yes Didier, HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMAN’S DAY. And ol man Vanuatu,You wouldn’t exist without one, how about a little respect. Stop all this talk of culture and kastom it’s all bullshit, your grandfathers would never approve of rape and had their daughters been raped, the rapist wouldn’t be left walking around….. I’m a peaceful man but rape my daughter and I’ll hunt you down and gut you like a pig, and stuff your balls in your mouth. Regardless of what she wears. It’s not for you to say how she chooses to dress. This new culture of rape in our beautiful country has to stop NOW.
  • Tschiaa Artist David Seule, yes I said it because its the reality. our society is evolving everyday. a woman’s body is a beautiful work of art by our creator, not an object for a man’s fixation. And when I say that women dress to express themselves, its a broad generalization, not necessarily skimpy outfits. 

    What about the women in the village who wears next to nothing and no under garment, would you call that sexy and provocative David????
    March 8 at 8:42am via mobile · Like · 2
  • Tschiaa Artist Rob Crapper, I agree mate. It’s just disgusting. I wonder what standard kids and babies must comply with in order to not get raped.
    March 8 at 8:44am via mobile · Like · 3
  • Jason Pakoasongi So you are saying that it’s the girls fault that she gets raped? What about the 2 year old girl that got raped in Erakor bridge or the 14 year old student that got raped at bladinier estate as she was going back home from school? Are you defending the rapists? Pretty soon you’ll be saying that it’s the fault of the victim of a break-in that they keep valuable items in the house. Do not confuse rape with sex. Rape is about violence & control, its not the girls problem it’s the asshole rapists fault plain & simple.
    March 8 at 9:51am via  · Like · 19
  • Ian Gordon Fraser Could it be relevant — I’m just thinking — that the country is producing young men who have achieved something, graduating high school, that actually doesn’t mean much. Plus young men who failed even at that. Both of these groups have little or no way of being men. This is an issue…they’re angry…
  • Joseph Ouma Abel Mestem road blo readim BIBLE!…hemi answer!!
  • Benjamin Noel Too much, i think the real thing is that it lies between wan papa mo wan mama.. spos u no tijim gud boy blo yu m ya na result blm taem i grow up.. umi no sae tlm se which genda i right mo who i wrong,, frm bae wan ino sapraes se afta a hundred years bae wan grand son blm i mkm kind fasin ia… U NO SAVE STOPEM FROM LO TAEM BLO JISAS I GAT OL RAPIST TOO… N EVEN OLI WANTEM RAPEM ANGELS…. Umi Vanuatu i smol tumas mo hw? u think se spos u werem traosis ba oli no repem u? mi think se u ya na fes wan lo list
  • Tschiaa Artist Jason Pakoasongi I completely agree with you. rape falls under violence. It’s sexual assault. How in the world can anyone excuse that???
    March 8 at 1:54pm via mobile · Like · 1
  • Sandrine Mogeror Cindy I am pointing my right fingers to the parents why they don’t teach their son (rapist) not to rape in this case a child…….It’s a moral issue!!
  • Queenie Langlois dressing up blo ol gel emi no wan reason blo ol rape lo country. ol gel i save wearem trousis, skirt or respectful klos we ufala ol man ufala wantem be bai i stil no jenism wanem i stap hide andanit lo ol klos ia. ol man i luk luk clos mo criticize mo washem eye blo olgeta lem be i no save karem out lo tingting blo olgeta se oli ol woman and oli kat wanem we bai i save mekem daon blo olgeta i harem gud. its more about education, christian morality and respect for one another
  • Benjamin Noel Bae ino gat any other answers but people remain ignorant mo disobey wnm God i bin tlm….. “TRAIN UP A CHILD THE WAY HE SHOULD GO…SO TAEM I GROW UP BAE INO SAE DEPART LO M..” Duty blo who emi nidim PAPA MO MAMA… two Human beings wan emi male mo wan emi female….. lo famly tete sam mama ino educated good semak lo ol papa… so emi u blo u tijim man blo u o woman blo u to… LAW blo baebol spos u wan christian then i talem se MAN SHALL NOT WEAR WOMENS GARMEN N VICE VERSA… INAF BLO TOK BAOT DRESSING IA OLGTA FROM PROBLEM ISTAP UMI YET UMI GO FROM… God i kim law blo dressing ia blo ol man i follem blo inogat tumas rape lo society blo olgeta………
  • Charlie Harrison What more can we do to stop rape?
    There is a lot more all of us can do to help disengage our rape culture beyond not raping someone else. Since again, most men or women won’t rape, these “extras” are the things most of us need to work on.
    For instance, people will often report that they know or have known that someone else — even people very close to them — are or have been raping or abusing another and that they have never said anything, to that person or to anyone else. Plenty of people have had an experience where they strongly suspected someone or known was raping someone else and they have still remained silent and passive. Silence on anyone’s part when it comes to rape never helps and always does harm.
    It’s one thing when people avoid doing anything in those situations out of a real concern for their own personal safety, but in nearly any situation like this, there is always a way to help. If you find yourself in this situation and are fearful for your own safety when it comes to saying or doing something, call the police anonymously, a hotline, or go get someone else to come help with you. Some people feel like it’s disloyal to report a friend, partner or family member who is raping or abusing, but your loyalty is never more important than someone else’s life or keeping another person from incredible trauma. Even if you can’t see it that way, at the very least recognize that rapists and abusers are troubled and often unlikely to stop, and far more unlikely if they are never held responsible. Helping a friend stay disturbed and aiding them in doing harm through your inaction isn’t helping your friend.
    We can also all get better at calling out acceptance or even applause for any kind of rape when we see it. For instance, a friend joking about rape or sexual violence isn’t being funny: he’s perpetuating rape culture. If you laugh right along with him – rather than calling him out, or even just making a point of not laughing — so are you. If you trash-talk women, their bodies, or talk about sex as if it wasn’t about two people’s mutual benefit, make a promise to yourself to stop doing that right now. Just like with racism, when anyone talks about hatred or disdain of any given group all the time, it tells other people around them that that hatred is acceptable. That doesn’t mean you can’t call out women when women do it, too: some women will joke about rape to other women through self-hatred, out of jealousy, the idea she’ll be safer if she does, or to try and be one of the guys, and it’s no more okay just because it’s coming out of a woman’s mouth.
    Another thing you can do is to try not to take it too personally when women around you are fearful or wary of men – or speak critically about abusive men — including you. As a teen male or adult man, it’s unlikely that you have to worry about being raped in your lifetime, especially by a man you know, because statistically, it’s not likely you will be. But with millions of women and girls raped every year, women and girls really do have good reason to worry about being assaulted by the men around them. Women can’t help but worry about rape and sexual violence given how common it is, and because rape happens more often with men known to women, they also can’t help but be wary of even the men which they know and call friends or partners. Getting angry at women for being worried about something so scary and so valid is neither fair nor helpful: it’s better to simply listen, be trustworthy and patient, and ask what you can do to help them feel more safe.
    One of the most important things you can do is not to deny rape happens, that it happens to many, many women, girls, boys and some men, and that it is overwhelmingly something young adult and adult men are largely responsible for singly and as a group. You can be sure never to excuse rape or behavior that encourages or enables rape. “Rape apologism” is a term used to describe those who excuse or deny rape, per rapes they engage in directly themselves, when it comes to rapes other people have done, or ideas about any kind of rape being okay or as a lesser violation than it is. It’s about the ways that society dismisses and diminishes rape. It’s about the ways that victims of rape are constantly accused of lying, or how they’re told that the crime is, in any way, their own fault. If you can always come to the proverbial table with the unwavering conviction that rape happens and that it is never, ever okay, that alone, that’s a powerful thing.
  • Carlie Dodds Such a great post Charlie Harrison. This debate needs more educated and well informed people such as yourself. So much misinformation, sexism and dismissal have been put forward on this important topic
  • Samuel Abraham As far as i am concerned, i will always stick to ma point. am not gonna be here to encouraged girls wearing short skirts and trousers. because its never their norm, culture or whatsoever as a ni van. why hasn’t the rate of rape gone up previously in the recent years. i strongly believe its the half naggedness of the girls that stirs up the whole cycle. this am only on the area of girls who’ve being victim to the issue.
  • Samuel Abraham On the other hand, the issue might also be alcohol,drugs and or cannabis related. Also most girls in Port Vila particularly don’t care even they know there is danger out there. as a taxi/bus driver i saw them walking around any streets very late at night, gone past sleeping time. without charging correctly that not everybody they will come across at that point of time are good people. they might be possessed by some kind of drugs or might be in a different mood to what you are thinking.
  • Samuel Abraham As i said, your makeups and half body exposed girls captures a great capacity of boys and men[ at large] the ATTENTION. the moment they lay their eyes on you, you occupy most of their sexual stimulation space. some people say girls sexy dressing is not an open invitation, but yea i denny it because thats how men are wired. those feelings can controllable, only until are possessed by alcohol/drugs.
  • Edward Williams ikat any statistics yumi save luk wanem kind AGE GROUP blong ol male nao oli committim tumas long ol rape cases ia? interesting blong save…!!
  • Arthur Knight hahahaah its all about pre conceived thoughts and perceptions..if you change or control your thoughts and think about something else..then you it would not lead you to cross the line that you were intending to cross ..lolz
  • Tschiaa Artist wow. Trousers or not, a sicko is a sicko. Blame drugs, alcohol for their behavior is stupid. Would any man accept that excuse be it their mother or sister become a victim of rape??? What about kids and babies that are victim of rape?? Shouldn’t kids be kids anymore?? should we accept that because kids might wanna strip off is off limits these days because some asswipe can’t control his urges??? 
    WHAT about the women and children who didn’t have to walk the streets at night to be raped?? what about single women/ mothers who has to get up early and go to their gardens to harvest their crops?? I’ve known cases of which in these situations women get raped!!! I’ve known cases in which I WALKED IN ON MY UNCLE’S FRIEND RAPING MY 6 YR OLD COUSIN AT THAT TIME!!!! Dont you dare blame drugs or alcohol. In my experience as a child at the time of abuse, that’s sorry excuse of a man was not any where near drunk or high. I FIND IT DISGUSTING THAT MEN WOULD EXCUSE THEIR BEHAVIOR AND TURN IT BACK ONTO A WOMAN. 

    The pain that some of us growing up had to carry because we had to keep quiet. We were threatened to keep quiet because that asshole knew exactly what he was doing!!! It’s disgusting THAT for the fear of being hurt, we had to sit back in disgust when that stuck on stupid is being welcomed into our home like a V.I.P. The fact that I had to cater for his ass when I knew exactly what he did is appalling. Seeing my cousin in the corner not knowing whether to speak or not is heart breaking. Again…. He knew exactly what he was doing.
    Sunday at 5:00pm via mobile · Like · 5
  • Tschiaa Artist People don’t speak out because it’s made out to be shameful. Why should victims of rape be ashamed of what an idiot did..!! Government should hold a higher penalty for rapist so women and children won’t be afraid to speak up. Parents, educate your children that it’s not okay to be raped. If it happens to anyone, speak up. No one should have to suffer in silence. Silences is what encourages stupid.
    Sunday at 5:09pm via mobile · Like · 4
  • Thomas Freddy Nagof Trouses or not. This kind of people should think before they act………..What if it happen to their Sisters? RESPECT.
    18 hours ago · Like · 5
  • Samuel Abraham Ok as you all well stated, its not the weird makeups that stir up the shit… Now blame the rapist, blame all men, blame the boys. blame the parents. blame the peers…they all are assholes coz they can’t control their urges. Girls wear trousers/ short skirt and see what will happen to you nxt…”advertise your business and more customers you will get”
  • Yts Atministreta We conclude with Jason Pakoasongi’s post “So you are saying that it’s the girls fault that she gets raped? What about the 2 year old girl that got raped in Erakor bridge or the 14 year old student that got raped at bladinier estate as she was going back home from school? Are you defending the rapists? Pretty soon you’ll be saying that it’s the fault of the victim of a break-in that they keep valuable items in the house. Do not confuse rape with sex. Rape is about violence & control, its not the girls problem it’s the rapists fault plain & simple”. – very constructive comments everyone, some are repetitions, but i think we get the picture. Post closed and is going to archives. ta!

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